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Life update

Today is march 3rd, 2024. A lot has changed in the past few months, but for the better.

In October we signed a lease with the crystal Blue Lagoon Bed and Breakfast to rent their small boat house. This was a pivotal moment for us because it allowed us to get onto Google maps with a location that's right on tbe water. Plus the location is sick. We're right on a natural spring that has a stone wall built around it, making it a natural pool.

We were super excited about this location because the city of Crystal River has a moratorium on new kayak companies launching in the bay, and the only way you can get a business tax receipt is if you launch from a marina, resort or restaurant. So being that this location that we're renting is a bed and breakfast, we thought that would satisfy the people who work at the city office.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and the city denied the use of our bed and breakfast boathouse as a launch location. So back to the drawing table it was...

to be continued.

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