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 -11'6 Michael Dolsey Hard Poly Carbonate Professional Grade Paddleboards

-Capacity 200 lbs      

Our Paddleboards are as buoyant as a kayak.  they are very wide, giving the user plenty of room to spread out and keep balance.  Paddleboards are great for snorkeling, as you can easily slide on and off the board or even lay across the board to watch the fish through a snorkel mask without getting wet.  

Paddleboards are recommended for people who are sharing a board with their kid.  Our boards are much lighter than a kayak and therefore much easier to paddle.  If you get a tandem kayak to share with your kid you will have a lot more weight to push and it can get exhausting, especially if you are going against wind or current.  

Paddleboard Good Photoo.jpg
Blue Paddleboard.jpg
paddleboard photo at rainbow.jpg
Paddleboard photo at kings spring.jpg
paddleboard with kid.jpg
paddleboard dude.jpg
paddleboard snorkel.jpg
Paddleboard good photo.jpg
paddlebaord kid.jpg
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