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Clear Bottom Kayaks

-9'3" Coastal Kayak Clear Bottom Hanalei Single Person Kayak - Capacity 200 lbs      

Our clear bottom kayaks are great for viewing fish and manatees.  

Our kayaks are specifically chosen for easy upkeep, comfort and ease of use.  They are shaped like a normal kayak with a clear bottom insert.  The insert is replaceable, so when they get scratched up we can easily put a new clear bottom in the kayak to keep the plastic see through.  

They are easy to use and not bulky like the bathtub style kayaks.  They cut through the water without the resistance of the larger, rounded clear kayaks.  

Our kayaks are not recommended for use on windy days or at a capacity of over 200 pounds because the back will drag and the kayak will start collecting water.  

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