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King's Bay, Crystal River, FL
Home of the Manatee
King Spring, Hunter Springs and Three Sisters Springs 
Guided Tour: $55 Per Person


What To Expect:

-Personalized and private, single family tours

-Manatee Viewing (best in January and February)

-Crystal Clear Spring Water at Three Sisters Springs

-Beginner Friendly

-Family Friendly

-Snorkel Lessons


Paddleboard or Single Kayak - $40 Half Day (4 hours)

$60 Full Day (Until Sunset)

Tandem Kayak

$50 Half Day

$75 Full Day

Call us anytime if you have questions or if you would like to book over the phone with Captain Scotty directly.  

What craft do we offer and what is the weight capacity?   

One of the perks of being a new business is that all our equipment is brand new! 

Below are the specks of our professional grade equipment.         


 -11'6 Michael Dolsey Hard Poly Carbonate Professional Grade Paddleboards -Capacity 200 lbs      

-9'3" Coastal Kayak Clear Bottom Hanalei Single Person Kayak - Capacity 200 lbs      

 -12' Coastal Kayak Corola Tandem 2 person Kayak - Capacity 400 lbs

Where Do I GO? 

for all locations, park anywhere you find a spot, there is no charge for parking.

-for the Crystal River Location, meet us at the boat ramp at the Waterfront Social Restaurant

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