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Green Water

Rainbow River, Dunnellon, FL

$65 pp Guided tour 

This Adventures launches at KP Hole County Park, in Dunnellon FL.  We will Paddleboard or Clear Kayak up to Devil's Elbow ( which we call "snorkel spot").  This spot is a 25 foot spring hole and home to all kinds of bass and other fish.  This is a great location to learn to freedive, snorkel or catch some sun while the kiddos play.  Captain Scotty is licensed and trained, and loves to teach the art of snorkeling and freediving. 

On this trip, we will park at K.P. Hole County Park, in Dunnellon FL.  Your park entry fee is included in the price of your tour.  Park anywhere you find a spot and meet us at the boat ramp.  You will see us on the boardwalk area near the boat ramp with all the equipment you need for the trip.  All boards and kayaks come with a life vest and a safety whistle.  

You can bring some water and a light snack, but we ask that you leave heavy coolers filled with ice behind, as it will weigh down your boat.  Please make sure you use reusable water bottles and tupper ware, as to not pollute the river with trash.  

We will start our adventure by paddling up river against a light 2-3 mph current.  Captain Scotty will point out some wildlife and eco facts along the way.  We will snorkel and drift down to K.P. Hole.  There are some cool caves and 30' freedive spots to check out as well as amazing wildlife scenery.

This whole trip takes 2.5-3 hours.  We recommend leaving extra time in your schedule afterwards, because time flies when you're having fun.  You don't want to feel like you need to rush yourself if you don't want to leave right away.  It really is a magical place to experience. Our motto is "There's no stress on the water." 


Our Signature Aesthetic

Photos and videos taken on Rainbow River in Dunnellon, FL

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