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Green Water

Some Quick FAQ's:

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What do we offer?
     -Private Single Family Guided Tours

After booking, where do I go and where do I park? 
for all locations, park anywhere you find a spot, there is no charge for parking.
-for the Crystal River Location, meet us at the boat ramp at the Waterfront Social Restaurant

-for the Rainbow River Location, meet us at the K.P Hole County Park Boat Ramp
-for the Silver Springs Location, meet us at the Kayak Launch section of the State Park
What craft do we offer and what is the weight capacity?
     One of the perks of being a new business is that all our equipment is brand new!  Below are the specks of our professional grade equipment.    
       -11'6 Michael Dolsey Hard Poly Carbonate Professional Grade Paddleboards -Capacity 300 lbs 

     -11'31" Coastal Kayak Clear Bottom Hanalei Single Person Kayak - Capacity 200 lbs 
       -12' Coastal Kayak Corola Tandem 2 person Kayak - Capacity 400 lbs
How long are the tours?
     -2.5-3 hours 

Green Water
Green Water

Fun for the whole family!

On this page, you will find all the services listed that we offer. 

If you are on your phone, click the three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen to navigate through the other pages such as photo gallery, about us and our blog.  

Who are we?






Water's Edge Adventures is a small family owned and operated business.  We are not a franchise and never will be.  We Pride ourselves on quality and customer service that you can only get from "mom and pop shops" 

What we offer-

*Clear Bottom Kayaks (real kayaks with inserts, not clear bathtubs),

*Tandem Kayaks (great for couples or parents with kids)

*Professional grade, non inflatable, super buoyant, virtually non tippable Paddleboards (great for snorkeling!)

All of our tours are private, single family tours.  we will never make you group up with strangers.  

Please call if you have more than 8 people in your group.  

We also offer  Rentals 

*Half Day (4 hours)

*Full Day ( more than 4 hours)

*Multi-Day Rentals (up to three days - Call to book)

*Free hotel/air b&b drop offs and pickup

What makes us different from the rest? 

*We pride ourselves on providing our guests with PRIVATE, SINGLE FAMILY, SAFE and PERSONALIZED educational nature experiences. 

*Water's Edge gives back to the community by DONATING a portion of their sales, as well as their time to our very own local non-profit 501-c3, as well as hosting beach and river trash cleanups. 

*We personalize each tour, meaning -

if you want to stay dry, cool. 

If you want to snorkel, we'll provide the gear at no extra charge,

if you want to freedive, Captain Scotty will teach you how. 

Have kids? Instructor Lena will teach them how to safely be comfortable in the water and snorkel with the fishies.  

Having too much fun and don't want to leave? that's cool too, call us when you're done and we'll come get you.  


We're not trying to nickel and dime our guests, we just want to work on the water and show you our favorite nature spots.  

Where we're located and how much does it cost-

We no longer have a storefront, instead, we conduct our business on-line and meet our customers directly at our launch locations.  Our Launch Locations are:

-Waterfront Social Restaurant in Crystal River at the Boat Ramp-
-K.P. Hole County park on Rainbow River at the Boat Ramp

     $65 Guided Tour

-Silver Springs State Park at the Kayak Launch Ramp 

     $75 Guided Tour


-Tandems are $20 more than listed price.  

Our service locations are:

Kings Bay, Crystal River

at Manatee Swim Center in Waterfront Social Restaurant

$40 Half Day Rentals (4 Hours)

$60 Full Day Rental (be back at 7)

$55 per person guided tour

-Tandems are $20 more and includes 2 people. 

KP Hole, Rainbow River, Dunnellon FL

$65 per person for guided tour

Silver Springs in Ocala.  

$75 per person for guided tour

Sanchez Park, Ormond Beach

This location is by group rate only, servicing 8-12 people. 

Our Mission:

Water's Edge Adventures started out as a way to host community beach and river cleanups.  We found a way to monetize our passion by providing guided tours and rentals.  We still want to continue our mission to clean trash from our water's and help with other environmental projects.  

We have our very own Non Profit 501-c3 that is dedicated to youth and community involvement as well as environmental conservation.  

We donate a portion of each tour and merchandise sale to our non profit group so that we can

continue to host our beach and river cleanups.  Follow our social media to learn more.  

Scroll Down for more detailed information and  booking links.  

Green Water
Green Water
Green Water


Ormond Beach, FL and Crystal River, FL

(352) 699-4221

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