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Marketing Research: How to make a million dollars with your small business.. and other research:

So yesterday we went out and scouted out some new launch locations. We met some nice people and we have our eyes on this one location that would be cool if it worked out, so we're going to set up a meeting with the dude tomorrow and see what we can come up with.

Today I'm in the mode of marketing. We need customers bad. We have everything in place for a successful business, now we just need a steady flow of customers.

I created what I am calling "the hotel program", which is a way for me to market my business to hotels. So I'm going to print it up and pound the pavement with it next week. (hotels and restaurants don't like doing extra things on the weekends cuz they're busy). So today I'm doing marketing research on youtube and here's some notes from what I've found and thought are worth noting.

Youtuber: Adam Erhart

Video: The secret to making your first $1 million fast...

Step one:

Find a steamboat industry.

Find an industry that is growing fast, in high demand, and well positioned for the future. Industries such as Travel, Tourism, Online Retail, Ecommerce, etc.

For me this is the tourism industry with the clear kayaks and online retail and ecommerce with the merchandise line that I'm going to be making in a few months.

 Step two:

The one thing. Choose one thing, in one way, that solves one kind of problem for one kind of person.

For me this is:

-privately guided clear kayak tours to experience nature and visit the mantees

-provide tours and rentals at kings bay and rainbow river

-solves the problem of providing adventure to adventure seekers

-one kind of person - adventure seekers that can be reached at hotels, restaurants and airports. families and couples mostly

Step 3:

-you are rewarded for the results you produce.

80/20 rule

find your 80/20

identify your time wasters - scrolling through social media, working at a restaurant too much, not maximizing research and advertising time.

-focus on high value customers - top 20% that will be delivering 80% of your revenue. ensure they get the top products and services and marketing.

Step 4 - the 4 D's

do- is this a high priority task? will it take less than a few minutes? if so, just get it done. avoid procrastination.

or delay- postpone tasks that it is not the right time for.

delegate - recognize the strengths of others and delagate tasks to them

delete or drop- eliminate tasks that aren't worth your time.

Step 5 - the power list - the todo list that has only 3 important things from your todo list. the power list is a condensed todo list of what is priority or something you've been putting off.

Step 6 - thinking

-planning, thinking, strategizing, deciding what is important and what needs to be done. ask yourself-

What skills do I need to master to achieve the success I want?

What risks am I not taking and why?

Where are the biggest areas of my business that I can streamline?

work smarter in the limited time that you have.

dnd (do not disturb): eliminate distractions: block out time and focus on one thing. no phone or internet, just focus until it's done. use the power list and pick one thing and finish it.

find the hours of the day that your brain is most focused and use that time to finish a task. set a time limit to create a sense of urgency and deadline.

Focus / Todo list

Field work:

-launch location

-hotels to partner with.

Office work includes:

-organizing invoices,

-finishing my P&L report for 2023 and getting ready to do January

-touching up website to what Scott has in mind

-updating the customer log

-make a purchase list for the things we picked out at the surf expo

Purchase list includes, in order

-Paddleboard trailer

-Shirts and Visors from Daytona sportswear

-brochures and business cards replenish

-Scott's captain requirements

Social Media

-make a long video and then chop it up into podcasts and tiktok shorts

Meetings and Networking:

-Mayor of Malibu, CA that we met at Surf Expo

-lady from the hotel that's closed about a launch spot...kings bay lodge

-Casey from Crab Plant

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