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So you booked a Kayak/Sup Adventure! 

What next? 

Please scroll down to fill out the required waiver.  Also, FWC requires everyone who books an adventure in King's Bay to watch a short video about MANATEE MANNERS.  Manatees are endangered and highly protected.  Watching this required video will keep the manatees happy and you in the know of Manatee Rules that are highly enforced by FWC enforcement.  


Please fill out the insurance waiver by clicking the button below.  

Manatee Manners

Please watch this required FWC Video before going out on your Kings Bay Adventure.  This video is only required for the Crystal River Location.  

Crystal River Meeting Location

Please meet us at our Kayak Launch Location which is at the Boat Ramp of the Waterfront Social Grille and Tiki Bar.  See below for google address. 

Rainbow River Parking

If your adventure is at the KP Hole Location, please park in the parking lot at the KP Hole County Park.  (google maps location is provided in button below).  We will have your day use park fee paid for before you arrive.  Please meet us a the boat ramp by the water.  Our names are Lena and Scotty.

Water's Edge Surf Style Boutique

Water's Edge is building a line of surf style apparel.  Please visit our store by clicking the button below.  

Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.  This will help google know that we have content that people are interested in, which will in turn help us pop us when people search related content.  

Water's Edge Youtube Channel

Thank you for choosing

Water's Edge Adventures

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