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Blog Post #2 --The Beginning of an Era

Last week Scott and I (Lena) moved our house and little family of 3 dogs to Citrus County, FL. Being in the mountains and experiencing the winter was fun, but for us, there's nothing like the magic of the Florida springs. The restoration of the seagrass for the starving manatees and cleaning the rivers and springs is what we started our 501-c3 in the first place. So needless to say, we feel at home here.

So here's the plan:

  1. The LLC

The LLC is going to start with sales of stickers, merch and which. Of those sales, 10% of the profits will go towards environmental restoration projects. and 90% of the profits will go to the savings for our Food Truck/Catering business that will serve boujie grab and go items and gourmet handhelds, designed for beach goers, boaters and fisherman. We will be using the experience we have from running our last restaurant as inspiration and education for making our second restaurant even bigger and better than it was the first time around.

2. The 501-c3/Non Profit

This portion of our business is aimed at environmental services and restoration. In our last Non Profit, Restaurant Row, we focused on Beach and River Clean-ups, which were highly successful. This time around, we want to focus on monetizing our business by doing paddle board tours and teaming up with other local enthusiasts to clean up our water ways and planting sea grass. Trash Cleanup events are of course, not off the table as well.

So that's the plan, please help us grow by purchasing our stickers, merch and shirts.

Stay tuned for progress updates in future blog posts and thank you for your support!

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