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Water's Edge is a small business ran by two nature lovers looking to share their favorite secret spo

About Us

How It All Began

Water's Edge Adventures is a small business started by Lena Lux and Scott Hanson.  The goal of this business is to educate the community on environmental issues such as manatee awareness and seagrass restoration while providing a memorable experience in the natural parts of Florida's waterways.  


Scott and Lena met when they worked at a small start up restaurant that they ran together from 2018-2021.  Not only did they run a fun restaurant together, but they were also very involved with  the chamber, the city, the FDOT, and they even had their own  non profit organization that hosted beach cleanup events at their restaurant.  It was fun and successful, but after 3.5 years of hard work, little sleep and making money for someone else's dream, they decided it was time to put all that hard work and energy into themselves.  


When they left the restaurant, they took a break from life and lived in an RV while traveling the smokey mountains.  After spending the winter skiing and snowboarding, they knew it was time to come back to Florida and start working on the next big thing.  


Lena and Scott knew they wanted to do more than just one thing.  They didn't want to just run a restaurant, or just do environmental restoration or just sell merch.  So they came up with a way to do all three.  They started a small business that offer guided paddle board tours and help raise money for environmental restoration.  


Water's Edge is a small business ran by two nature lovers looking to share their favorite secret spots with fellow adventure seekers!


Water's Edge paddleboard tours offer unique guided tours including snorkeling, freediving in the best nature locations that Central Florida has to offer. We are locals, proudly serving and Crystal River, Rainbow River, Homosassa and Ormond Beach.

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