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Guided Tour - Price Per Person

Guided Tour - Price Per Person

Your tour guides are owners Captain Scotty and Instructor Lena.  

This tour will start and end at K.P. Hole County Park in Dunnellon, FL.


We will paddle upstream, and float back down showing you some of our secret spots.  

If you are on paddlboards, snorkeling is ideal at this location. 

We will provide your snorkel gear at no extra charge.

If you are in a Kayak, you will not get wet!

This adventure does not go all the way to the head spring and does not drift all the way to Swampies.  This adventure is about 2 -3 hours. 



-KP Hole Entrance Fee. There are no extra fees with this trip.  

 -Snorkel gear comes with paddleboards.  Kayak trips stay dry.  

-PFD Lifevest and whistle come with each vessle, this is required by the FWC. 



When you arrive, simply park and meet us at the boat ramp, where we will have your stuff ready.  All you have to do is bring your snacks, water and paddle arms.  


Price listed is per person.  Please increase quanity to match number in your party.  

Price is up to 8 people.  

For 9 or more people, please visit group rate page.  

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