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Blog Post 006 - Progress Update!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Water's Edge had a good, productive week. As I sit here in the Public Library as my "office" I'm excited to report that things are starting to come together and look a little bit more clear. We decided that the Water's Edge LLC is going to be monetized by sticker/merch sales and eventually the Food Truck and the 501-c3 non-profit section of Water's Edge is going to be monetized by Stand Up Paddle Board Tours hosted by Lena and Scott, tentatively in King's Bay, Crystal River.

The food truck is going to take a while to get the funds for, but it's a daily work in progress. I got the menu for it written out and I have most of the business plan done. Next is to get with the food distributor to get food cost and menu prices written out and after that we're going to test our menu items and recipes, which is the fun part. For the Paddle Board Tours, that is coming together a little easier. Turns out the insurance companies aren't too excited about insuring a paddle board tours company, so that's a bit challenging. But the city of Crystal River and the chamber people are working with me to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Also, I'm working on getting a launch site nailed down. So once I get insurance and a launch site, I should be good to go cuz I think I got everything else. We have boards donated, but I can't announce it until it's finalized, so stay tuned for that.

So what we need from our friends is for you to purchase our stickers if you haven't already and thanks to those who have. Also I'm trying to get our merch into surf shops so if you have any leads on that, that would be super cool. Thanks for all your support and I'll keep y'all posted on our progress!

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