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Founded and created by Scott Hanson and Lena Lux. Water's Edge wears many hats.  We love being on the water and we appreciate good food.  Here at Water's Edge, those two things collide into what the community has nicknamed the WEGE FAM (Or Water's Edge Family)

Sign up for a "paddle board tour with a cause" in Citrus County, FL or donate to our food trailer which will be open next year! A portion of all profits will go towards environmental restoration.  All sales from the merchandise will be split between environmental restoration and  saving for our food truck.  We thank you for your support! 


Paddle Board Tours

501-c3 Environmental Restoration 

Click Here for Paddle Board Tours Info and registration! 

Crystal River, FL

Lena and Scott offer guided paddle board tours at various locations in Citrus County, Marion County and Volusia County FL.   All proceeds go to environmental restoration foundations.  Please click for package and reservation info.

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All proceeds are split between food truck savings and Environmental Restoration Foundations.

Our Logo is custom made and can't be found anywhere else!  Thanks for being part of the Water's Edge or Wege Fam!

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Who We Are

Our Roots

We started our business in 2020 with little money and big dreams.  Step by step and with support from our friends, we are saving up for the ultimate goal... owning a food trailer.

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